We offer a range of the highest quality haircuts, executed with pin point precision. We have excelled against competition in our local area and pride ourselves on the finished product.

We are a 4 chair, predominantly walk in based, barbershop with the options of booking in if needed.
We are open 5 days a week, with a minimum of 3 barbers working each day, have our own easy and free parking on site, we accept cash and card payments and have late night Thursdays until 8pm.

If you’re an early bird, we open bright and early at 8am on Saturdays too!

If you’d like to book rather than wait in line, our owner Nathan offers appointments which can be booked online, just hit the “Book appointment” tab.



We offer a range of hair care products designed to cater for all styling and grooming needs. Our products range in touch with modern styles, dry finish and volume.

Our Work